Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Buvan's Order

A 2 in 1 celebration of ROM and birthday for his wife. An eggless red velvet cake with purple theme. Thank you Buvan!

Gayathri's Order

Gayathri ordered a doll theme butter orange cake with pink ombre colour for a 1st birthday celebration. Thank you Gayathri!

Kartik's Order

Kartik ordered our red velvets and butter cupcakes for a surprise gift to his friend. Thank you Kartik!

Buvan's Order

Buvan ordered this chocolate cake to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. Thank you Buvan!

Cake for Yoven!

A birthday cake with all his pictures. The person who ordered would like to remain anonymous. Thank you!

Sam's Order

Sam ordered chocolate cupcakes with all her son's favourite things. Thank you Sam!

Sasi's Order

Sasi ordered an orange butter cake for her father's birthday. Thank you Sasi!