Monday, 10 December 2018

Rachel's Orders

Rachel ordered a 2 tiered chocolate and butter cake for her ROM and also 80 chocolate cupcakes. She said they were all wonderful especially the butter cake. Thank you Rachel!

Sujitra's Order

Sujitra ordered a butter orange cake to celebrate her dog's birthday. Thank you Sujitra!

Mathan's Order

Mathan ordered customised red velvet and carrot walnuts cupcakes for his beau. They said they were beautiful and delicious. Thank you Mathan!

Sumie's Order

Sumie ordered an eggless vanilla chocolate chips cake for a bride to be. She said it never fail to be marvelous. Thank you Sumie!

Mydhili's Order

Mydhili ordered customised chocolate cupcakes for her friend's birthday. Thank you Mydhili!

Sindhu's Order

Sindhu ordered customised kinky cupcakes for hens night party. Thank you Sindhu!

Vijay's Order

Vijay ordered a chocolate cake for his uncle. Thank you Vijay!