Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Thylage's Order

Thylage ordered a customised two tiered chocolate and butter cake with Grimas Circus theme for her son's 1st birthday. Thank you Thylage!

Roopin's Order

Roopin ordered this Unicorn themed butter cake for her daughter's birthday. This was our first Unicorn with a horn themed cake. She said it was beautiful and delicious and everyone liked it. Thank you Roopin!

Adelina's Order

Adelina ordered a butter and chocolate cake Thomas and friends theme cake for her nephew's third birthday. Thank you Adelina!

Gaithri's Order

Gaithri ordered her all time favourite fudgy brownies for an event. Thank you Gaithri!

Vimla's Order

Vimla ordered this individual red velvets as a thank you gift to her friends. Thank you Vimla!

Shanthi's Order

Shanthi ordered a blue ombre red velvet cake for her husband's birthday. She said they were delicious. Thank you Shanthi!

Nisha's Order

Nisha ordered a customised fudgy brownies tower to surprise her friend at work. Thank you Nisha for your continuous support!