Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Malini's Order

Malini ordered a 2 tiered butter and chocolate cake with musical theme for her and her husband on their big day. Their theme colour was red and we added the bow and veil details on the trebleclef cake topper. Thank you Malini and congratulations on your wedding!

Nithiya's Orders

Nithiya ordered these eggless chocolate and vanilla chocolate chips cupcakes for her brother's Hantaran on their Engagement day. One a doctor and the other an engineer. Thank you Nithiya!

Agi's Order

Agi ordered this simple vanilla cake for her husband's birthday. Thank you Agi!

Giri's Order

Giri ordered a butter cake as a surprise gift for his wife on their anniversary. They liked the butter cake they had for their son's 1st birthday and re order this. Thank you Giri!

Aster's Order

Aster ordered customised Shin Chan theme chocolate cupcakes for her friend's birthday. Thank you Aster!

Ain's Order

Ain ordered our fudgy brownies tower to surprise 2 of her friends whose birthday in Dec. They were so happy and shocked to receive the brownies. Thank you Ain!

Anniversary Gift

Agi presented our vanilla cake to Doris and her hubby for their wedding anniversary. Thank you Agi!