Monday, 16 July 2018

Rema's Orders

Rema ordered Sofia the First theme butter cake and mini vanila chocolate chips cupcakes for her daughter's 2nd birthday celebration. Thank you Rema!

Michelle's Order

Michelle ordered this football theme fudgy brownies birthday tower for her colleague. Thank you Michelle!

Reena's Orders

Reena ordered Sofia the First theme cupcakes and cake for her daughter's second birthday celebration. She said it was marvelous work and exceeded her expectations. Thank you Reena!

Punitha's Order

Punitha ordered an eggless vanilla chocolate chips cake for her dad's birthday. Thank you Punitha!

Menakha's Order

Menakha ordered a fudgy brownies tower for her mother's birthday celebration. Thank you Menakha!

Gayathri's Order

Gayathri ordered 50 mini chocolate cupcakes for a birthday celebration. Thank you Gayathri!

Punitha's Order

Punitha ordered a red velvet cake to surprise her friend. Thank you Punitha!