Monday, 31 July 2017

Siva's Order

Siva ordered a customised full fondant chocolate cake for his birthday celebration. This was a real tasks as to replicate a police uniform. Nevertheless he loves it and said it was superb. Thank you Siva!

Puvanes's Order

Puvanes ordered a customised chocolate and butter 2 tier full fondant cake to celebrate her company's 20th anniversary. It was a tough one as I need to cut a round cake to a hexagon shape. She said the cake was awesome and everyone loved it. Thank you Puvanes!

Alice's Order

Alice order our customised Liverpool theme cupcakes. She said the design was beyond her expectations. Thank you Alice!

Shekinah's Order

Sheilla ordered Little Mermaid theme red velvet cake for her daughter's 4th birthday. Thank you Sheilla!

Yamuna's Order

Yamuna surprise her friend with our cupcakes. Thank you Yamuna!

Uma's Order

Uma ordered customised anniversary cupcakes for her boyfriend to surprise him for their 1 year anniversary. Thank you Uma!

Sharmen's Order

Sharmen ordered this customised edible print butter cake. Thank you Sharmen!